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【Shunyu Optical Technology】

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Project Name: Shunyu Optical Technology Exhibition Hall

Location: Yuyao, Zhejiang, China

Project Area: 430㎡

Customer Name: Shunyu Optical Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

Time to complete: 2014/06 got the bid, now it is in production

Design Concept: tightly around the core purpose of the exhibit --1、 30 years of  company cultural heritage; 2to create core values embodiment; 3 the flourishing development of optical industry. Comprehensively considering the old hall's advantages and disadvantages, target exhibition groups , characteristics of the enterprise itself, and a series of other factors, it  puts forward the preliminary exhibition structure of "looking into the past""focus on present" amd " merge with future".

Change the vision, change the world. The world shall be changed by the leader, while the vision shall be changed by Shunyu To realize our customers value and our value in the same process, Shunyu is to shine others way with their unselfish light. Marching with the light, it shall change your vision; marching with the light, it shall change the corporate vision; marching with the light, it shall change the world vision. The main theme "Light Trace" of the showroom has been naturally highlighted. Thereby it regenerates time (look into the past), Glory (Focus present) Brightness (merge with future) these partitions to position. It has fully reflected Shunyu core values" to create together", 30-year history review, booming optics cause and the company's bright future.

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