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【Wuxi Tai Lake Pollut...】

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Project: Wuxi Tai Lake Pollution Prewarning System Projection Sand Table Project
Client: Wuxi Tai Lake Technology Park 
Producing Date: Nov. 2009
Keywords: Environmental protection, monitoring

Creation Attainment:

Wuxi Tai Lake is one of important water resources and scenic spots in China, but the rapid urban development caused serious water pollution in recent years, since which cyanophytes broke out to make people’s daily domestic drinking tapwater short due to its toxin for a time and “water bloom” phenomenon occurred one after another to harm people’s drinking water and health. Therefore the “monitoring the pollution of Tai Lake” has become one major focus of daily work of Wuxi government and how to make local citizens participate in the protection for Tai Lake is just our purpose to design experience hall.

The application of digital exhibition technology such as sand table is not only limited to real estate and architecture field, but we introduced this technology into the protection for natural ecology by extension, combining with the power of Silkroad’s technical team. We integrated the technologies of sand table, digital image and light projection together to present Tai Lake and its surrounding areas in the exhibition hall. Visitors could clearly see the current environmental conditions and future environmental reform measures of monitored area, and feel all the tragic changes of the whole Tai Lake in the process of city development and the sense of mission of protecting the “blue water with thousands years of history” in the future.

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