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【Shenzhen City Plan...】

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Project: Shenzhen City Planning Exhibition Hall
Client: Shenzhen Municipal Planning Bureau
Producing Date: March 2009
Keywords: Exhibit design, multimedia application, interactive experience

As the pioneer of reform and opening up, Shenzhen created a wonder in city development, as under the command of new city construction led by government planning, the city achieved all the hundred years of dreams after 30-year stupendous changes and glorious reform.

City planning has always been the important thought reflection of Chinese municipal government at all levels making plans for city development & construction, which decides the future tendency of a city. How to make the design & planning of government to be understood and participated in by ordinary citizens is also very important to show the “particularity” of the special economic zone.

Just because of this, the exhibition hall used LCD touch screen to make Shenzhen citizens understand what has happened in the city personally. Along the path of development over time and space, the changes of Shenzhen city architecture over 30 years were shown bit by bit panoramically, based on the strong multimedia architectural model of Silkroad.

At last, the exhibition let citizens vividly realize the strategic layout and planning thought of the government on the development and construction of this city and then participate in the construction of nice future of Shenzhen, which is our ultimate goal.

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Addr:Room 108, Building B4, Fu Plaza Fantasia, Shi Flower Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen
Postal code: 518000
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