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【Yancheng Economic...】

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Project: Yancheng Economic Development Zone Planning Exhibition Museum
Client: Yancheng Economic Development Zone Committee
Producing Date: Sep. 2009
Keywords: Exhibit design, software design

Creation Attainment:

Founded in 1992, Yancheng Economic Development Zone with an area of 86km2 is located in the southeast of Yancheng City, which is a key development zone in Jiangsu Province as well as the sole Korea –funded industrial park, hi-tech industry park, electronic information industry park and the motor city on China’s east coast.

“Sensing the future” is the theme of this museum, which we used blue color to imply with a lot of led light tubes as streamline to create such atmosphere in space. We planned reasonable visit and experience streamline in the museum and added surround screen stereo cinema, virtual test drive experience hall, etc. hi-tech interactive exhibits. In consideration to very strong hi-tech of the project, we used plenty of technological exhibition means, such as mansard roof acoustic reflection, as-cast finish, perforated plate acoustic barrier and optical fiber decorative cold light source, to design the decoration of the museum According to the actual traffic and planning in the place of the project, we made a complete development plan of virtual test drive experience system.

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