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CCDI 与全球知名酒店设计事务所 AA(Archiller architecture)共同打造的全球最顶级酒店“圣 . 瑞吉”,
贵的 21 公顷的度假区地块给予了令人难忘的视觉享受。

CCDI and the world-renowned hotel design firm AA (Archiller architecture) together to create the world's top
hotel "St. Regis", one project is located in a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Lijiang in Yunnan Province, the
design cleverly combines local rich and unique national culture and architectural heritage, groups of buildings as
a dynamic combination of Yulong Snow Mountain river and natural vegetation background of natural landscape
and Lijiang with this precious 21 hectares of land given to the resort unforgettable visual experience.
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