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 If you are interested in the job offered, please send your personal CV to
 E-mail:   Tel0755-88321282-811

 Basic requirement: Associate degree or bachelor degree; 0 - 2 years working experience;
 Working place: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Nanjing or Wuhan.

 Rendering model/render/after effect maker
 Skill / Requirements:
1. Associate degree or bachelor degree in architecture or related major, good foundation in art and 
    solid understanding ability in architecture projects.
2. Expert in 3DMAX/CAD/PHOTOSHOP and other related software
3. Good communication skills and understanding ability, with strong teamwork and professionalism.
4. Wealthy experience in  pre or post architectural rendering making and the one with more than 2 
     years' effective working experience will be considered first.

 Animation scene creator
 Skill / Requirements:

1.  Associate degree or bachelor degree in architecture or related major, good foundation in art and
     solid understanding in architecture projects.
2.  Expert in 3DMAX and MAX’s various related plug-ins, the one with successful cases will be
     considered first
3.  Great interest in animation, with strong comprehension and innovative ability.
4.  Be quick-witted, with good teamwork and work ethic.


 Animation modeler
 Skill / Requirements:
1.  Associate degree or bachelor degree in architecture, environmental art, art or related major,
     more than 2 years’ working experience.
2.  Expert in 3DMAX (MAYA, ZB etc.) 3D software, understand the lens well.
3.  Have basic knowledge of architecture, can understand the plans and make animation models
     with the plans.
4.  Solid art accomplishments, can make various kinds of models, have wealthy experience and 
     strong skills in model making, and know render process appropriately.
5.  Good teamwork and service, with good work moral and Cultural literacy, interest in challenge.

 Animation render
 Skill / Requirements:
1.  The one with a major in architecture or art will be considered first.
2.  Great sense of arts and innovative minds.
3.  Good sense of color, expert in 3DMAX PHOTOSHOP or related software, good at MAX.
4.  Good teamwork and passion in work.

 Multi-media maker
 Skill / Requirements:
1.  Major in art, architecture or related, the one with multi-media experience will be considered first.
2.  Expert in PHOTOSHOP, Flash, Premiere, After Effects; Good at Flash.
3.  Good sense of 2D color, can easily make FLASH animation, can process video and understand 
     the basic procedure of video making and video after effects.
4.  Strong creativity and communication, teamwork and moral.

 Movie after effects and processing
 Skill / Requirements:

1.  Associate degree or bachelor degree in movie making, arts or related
2.  Be able to make advertisement or promotion video independently.
3.  Ability in making feature films, advertising, column package and film tidbits.
4.  Familiar with the video making process, can independently finish video after effects package and
     TV program package solution.
5.  Expert in related software, familiar with various kinds of video digital technique, very good at 
     package and visual design software, expert in AE/PREMIERE/3DMAX/ PHOTOSHOP or related after
     effects software.

Note: We accept graduated students with no working experience as our reserved talents.

Addr:Room 108, Building B4, Fu Plaza Fantasia, Shi Flower Road, Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen
Postal code: 518000
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